How To Run Ads Like A Pro

My short course on HOW TO RUN FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM ADS on the backend like the big baller businesses you see! It’s really simple and self explanatory through my training. This is beginner friendly.


Ex: You know how when you are talking about something and a ad pops up! This is THAT. 


You can break down and target your audience to anything you want. You can ask to show your content to people who like skincare, who like fashion, who like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, any luxury brand. You can customize it so that the content you are putting out the right people see it VS you putting out ads and just anybody is seeing it. 


Example: I own a skincare business/ I’m a esthetician and I’m a entrepreneur. I target my ads to people who like skincare, self care, health, and other estheticians! 


If you're trying to run ads so that you can gain more clientele or sales, this is the course for you.

How To Run Ads Like A Pro